Living in a Post-Covid World: A Healthcare Perspective

In the wake of Covid’s recent acquisition, many are questioning what the future holds for healthcare.

The rapid rise in digital health applications and services has led to a new era where technology is increasingly prominent. As providers struggle with how best to address this paradigm shift, they must remain aware of the benefits and vulnerabilities associated with such a transition.

Nevertheless, the pandemic taught us some crucial lessons, especially from a healthcare standpoint.

Here is what we think a post-Covid world will look like from a healthcare perspective.

Robust and Interconnected Healthcare Systems will Rise

Healthcare providers are now more mindful of the need to bolster their security measures in anticipation of an increasingly digital future. The Covid takeover has only heightened that urgency. In addition, many have been encouraged by a recent pledge of world governments to invest billions over the following years in upgrading global medical infrastructure, including hospitals.

In this post-Covid world, healthcare systems will be better equipped to ensure network stability and cybersecurity protections so crucial when it comes to protecting patient data, reporting incidents, medical report analysis, and further collaborative efforts in case of global emergencies – like a pandemic.

Moreover, world doctors, medical research facilities, and organizations will be connected via a synced network of the latest updates in the field. Think blockchain-based technologies here.

Agile Vaccine Research & Development Hotspots will rise

A vital component of the post-Covid world is to ensure that vaccine research and development hotspots are available in every country.
Such an investment would also help create a much more agile, global response against pandemics and outbreaks – for instance, through networking laboratories or medical facilities with each other onboard. In addition, this will enable collaborative efforts among countries, stakeholders, and researchers around the globe when it comes to developing vaccines within days instead of weeks or months.

Moreover, this will allow individual players across the world who work in this field to stay informed about what’s happening at any time.

AR and VR for Doctor-Patient Interaction

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will become a boon (once the technologies mature enough) for healthcare providers and patients.
The doctors be able to provide accurate remote diagnosis and consultation. Moreover, the per-capita load on doctors in developing countries will also be exceedingly balanced.

Moreover, quality healthcare will become accessible to more and more people.

Artificial Intelligence for Remote Patient Monitoring

This might sound like something out of a fantasy fable, but AI-based healthcare technologies are already becoming a reality.

Algorithms for AI-assisted healthcare are already becoming a reality too. So there is the possibility that you, as an Indian citizen, will soon have access to free quality health care via your mobile phone (even if it’s not covid), with just one swipe on your screen.

Healthcare startups and tech-innovators focus on AI-based patient monitoring (for their vitals), diagnosis, and even automation for some critical medical processes.

In a post-covid world, the adaptation of such technologies will be accelerated.

New Standards for Public Hygiene and Sanitization Likely

Covid taught us how vulnerable we all are when we are at public places and transitional touchpoints like buses, subways, restaurants, etc. Social Distancing, wearing a mask, and frequent sanitizer usage has become synonymous with ‘being safe’ and ‘infection-free.’

This goes without saying that countries like India will uplift their sanitary standards and public hygiene systems to the next level. Moreover, the citizens must be educated and enlightened about these standards as they are gradually rolled out in their welfare.

Closing note

This pandemic was a lesson to humankind in all aspects. The world suffered through its share of loss of life, economy, and general welfare. However, we now know better.

The post-Covid world will be a stronger, more resilient one. And we will be better prepared to tackle any unforeseen healthcare challenge at scale.

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