Knowing the Difference: A Heart Attack And Cardiac Arrest Can Save Your Life

I remember the day of 20th November. Dealing with a long hectic Day, I came back home in the evening. I made coffee for everyone at home. We enjoyed the coffee together.

After a short span of time, I started to prepare dinner. Suddenly, I hear a crying sound. I run into the room and saw my father-in-law was crying out at pain. My hubby was in the office and the distance from his office to home was 2 to 3 hours. So I called my family doctor. He came within 10 minutes.

He checked my father-in-law and prescribed some medicines and told us, It was a mild heart attack pain. It means the possibility of a heart attack may be in future. That was very painful and furious feeling for him.

Heart Attack is becoming very common problem and issue of death. Most People are dying cause of heart attack and cardiac arrest. This happen to 7,50,000 Americans in a year- and about 116000 of them die. Just Think!!! How big is the world. How many countries are there? The number I provide is of only The Americans….



Did you think about it before? How big the problem of heart attack is in the world?

There are two main problems of the heart. One is heart attack and the second one is Cardiac arrest. People often think both are same, but, this is not true.

It is necessary to understand the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest, this will help you prevent yourself from heart problems. Heart attack and cardiac arrest can impact the quality of your life. Your life is very precious and you get it once in your life.

Be aware and be curious about your life problems (Heart Problem) and solution (Prevention) also. The important thing is to implement the heart prevention in life to eradicate the health problems. We will discuss about Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest. So I would like to say before beginning the topic. “You have only one lovely heart and caring of your heart is your responsibility, not others.” Because Your heart is caring yourself.

Know your Heart better

A Heart is a special muscles, that supply blood with oxygen and nutrients by the coronary arteries. Blood eliminates the waste product from several organs, your lungs and kidney.

The heart is divided into two pumps which work together. When blood is pumping in all your organs and tissues coming back of your body enter the right side of your heart. Your organs remove waste carbon dioxide from the blood and recharge it with oxygen.

The oxygen-rich blood returning from your organs enters the left side of your heart, which pumps it to all parts of your body, including your heart itself.

This process makes you always energetic and nourishing to work efficiently.

What is Heart Attack?

Heart Attack occurs when the blood clot comes in the circulation of coronary arteries, that is called blockage. This blockage reduced the blood flow to your heart. The heart beating doesn’t stop, when blood flow reduced. But, it increase the possibilities of heart attack. Without treatment, the heart muscles begin to die and permanent damage to the heart, which results; death.

What is Cardiac Arrest?

Cardiac arrest occurs the disruption in the heart beat (electrical malfunction) which is caused when pumping of blood doesn’t supply in the brain , lungs, and other organs. As your blood stop circulating, Your all organs lose consciousness and stop breathing. Cardiac Arrest occurs without warning.

The link between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest

Both heart conditions are linked. Sudden cardiac arrest can occur after a heart attack, or during recovery. The risk of cardiac arrest increases with the cause of heart attack, but it is not necessary that the heart attack lead to cardiac arrest. All other heart conditions may fail cause of blockage in coronary arteries. These include a cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and, ventricular fibrillation and long Q-T syndrome.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

The symptoms of heart attack and cardiac arrest also vary. Let’s discuss the symptoms of heart attack.

Chest pain – It is a feeling of tightness in the center of chest which may last for several minutes and will not decrease upon resting. The pain spread to other parts.

  • Breathing problem
  • Coughing
  • Feeling sick
  • Sweating
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness

Symptoms of cardiac arrest:

  • Sudden unconsciousness
  • No Breathing
  • No pulse

These symptoms can lead to death, if treatment will not be available as soon as possible.


The heart attack generally, cause by one factor- Coronary heart disease(CHD). CHD is a condition, When fat deposit build up in the coronary arteries, which provide oxygen-rich blood to the heart. Person who have most at risk of CHD include:

  • Smokers
  • Excess alcohol consumer
  • Who take Unhealthy diet with saturated fat
  • Person who have Diabetes
  • Overweight people
  • Older people
  • Person who works in Pollution
  • Family history is also cause of developing heart disease.


If You make your routine on good habits, you can prevent from several disease. Some points are as below:

  • Avoid junk food :
  • Junk food are not healthy to your body. It blocks your coronary arteries and develop fat in your body that causes heart attack. So, you should avoid junk food.

  • Exercise regularly :
  • Exercise plays a vital role in fitness and reduces fat from your body. It also removes waste carbon.

  • Eat Healthy diet :
  • Eating healthy meal include Green Vegetables, Juice, Fruits, Curd, pulses, Milk, Soybean, nuts, etc.

  • Drink More water :
  • You should drink water at least 3 litres per day. More water reduce fat from your body and makes your skin glow.

  • Regular checkups :
  • You should have a family doctor, so you can check your health regular which helps heart attack treatment.

  • Call an ambulance immediately :
  • If you find any signs of heart attack or cardiac arrest, Call an ambulance immediately.

    It’s very important for everyone to know the Difference between A Heart Attack And Cardiac Arrest. If you are not aware of the symptoms, You will get confused and nervous, what you need to do on time. knowing everything help you to protect your life.

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