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Keep Your Skin And Hair Safe From Holi Colours

Skin & Hair Need Wholly Care on Holi

Holi is the festival filled with euphoria and fun. People across India cannot resist celebrating this jubilant fest without colours as the real joy of Holi celebration lies in these vivid hues. However, synthetic colours can threaten the skin and hair health, & can come in your way of joyful celebration.

Don’t let synthetic colours spoil the fun of your Holi. Go for the below-mentioned hacks to have an ecstatic and grand Holi.

Go for organic colours

Organic colours are gentle to the skin and hair. Play Holi with organic colours to keep the joy of Holi intact. Using chandan and turmeric as colours is a healthy option. Going for any of these colours will keep skin dryness and itching away.

Oil hair

Oiling hair before starting to play Holi is the best way to protect hair from damage that can be caused by colours. Oil ensures your hair don’t get dry and colours don’t get a grip on them. This way you can avoid hair breakage and dryness scare.

Wear clothes with good coverage

Another way to cheat on colours during Holi celebration is to wear such clothes that cover the body fully. High necks and full sleeved clothes can come handy for you.  Try wearing cotton.

Apply oil on the body

Keeping skin hydrated can protect it from the issues caused by colours. Apply almond/ coconut or mustard oil all over the body and hair.

Tie hair

Chemical filled colours can leave your hair messed up at the end of a joyful Holi celebration. Counter that situation by tying the hair before starting to play Holi. You can also wear a cap or cover hair with a scarf to protect them from colours.

Moisturise the skin

A well-moisturized body can battle the skin dryness effectively before and after Holi. Don’t forget to moisturize the body to make sure your skin stays smooth and healthy.

Don’t undergo an aesthetic procedure

Say no to getting waxed or shaved one week before Holi as skin becomes extra sensitive after undergoing such procedures and can bear the brunt of synthetic colours. Furthermore, avoid undergoing other aesthetic procedures like facial, threading or any other skin treatments.

Apply sunscreen

Most of the people play Holi in open spaces which may cause damage to the skin due to overexposure to the sun. Apply sunscreen on the face and other exposed parts of the body to eliminate that risk.

Use lip balm & nail paint

Lips and nails also require protection from toxic colours. Coat your lips with a lip balm to ensure colours don’t seep through the cracks. To safeguard nails, use nail paint by starting with a top coat to provide added protection from colours.

Also, don’t let the colour get into the eyes. The best way to avoid that risk is to wear sunglasses.

Post the Holi fun, take off the colour from the skin gently. Use ubtan, or apply a pack made with curd, turmeric and gram flour. Taking a bath with warm water can also make it easier to remove the colour from hair and body. Try these tips to end your Holi on a happy and healthy note.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors

This post was published on March 9, 2020 4:19 pm

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