Is Omicron Riskier For Infants Than Other Variants?

While people were probably preparing their children for the upcoming exams or planning for Christmas break, the WHO announced a new coronavirus variant. And that variant is the Omicron virus, which leads people to a state of perturbation.
People are more worried this time for their kids than themselves. But why is it so? Is the Omicron variant dangerous to kids and not adults?
If you are inquisitive and have all these thoughts inside your mind, do not worry. We will tell you all about Omicron and its risk to children and infants.

Why are people anxious for their children about Omicron?

Everyone is talking about the Omicron and its risks to the children. But what gave them a reason to talk about it?
Out of all the cases in South Africa, fifty-two infants were hospitalized out of the total four hundred and fifty-two patients. Naturally, this news panicked the parents all across the globe. People had already judged even though it was not clear whether or not all those children were affected by the Omicron variant.
After this, the Omicron variant had spread in many countries, including India. A young child was diagnosed with the Omicron variant in Maharashtra.
This news has increased the worrying of the parents. But the real tension came when the World Health Organisation had announced that the Omicron is a matter of concern for infants, children, and those who are unvaccinated.

What symptoms will the child have if he is affected with the Omicron variant?

The symptoms of the Omicron variant vary from person to person. But in general, the symptoms are as follows-

  • Mild fever
  • Scratchy throat
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Cough
  • Body pain

Are there any ways that can help me protect my child against the Omicron variant?

Things are not in our hands. But still, you can surely take some precautions to protect your child.

  • If possible, get your child vaccinated- Get your child vaccinated as soon as you can do so. As mentioned above, the World Health Organisation had already said that the people who have not taken the vaccine are at risk. And this includes the children. So if vaccination for children has started in your area, it would be great. Otherwise, keep updating yourself and, whenever possible, vaccinate your child.
  • Mask your child: Whether your child is going to school or wherever, make sure to mask the child. Find a mask of the size of your child’s face. A lot of children wear big masks which keep falling from their faces. However, there is no point in wearing such masks as they would not protect the child.
  • Even if you cannot get your child vaccinated, make sure you get yourself vaccinated. It will at least reduce the risk.
  • Do not take any of the symptoms mentioned above lightly. Take your child to a doctor immediately if you see even one sign of Omicron.
  • Make sure that your child has got other necessary vaccines since birth.
  • Avoid social gatherings if not necessary. Follow proper social distancing. Do not travel with your child until it is an emergency.
  • Please give them a balanced diet with proteins and vitamins. Include green vegetables in some way.
  • Massage the baby: Warm up some oil like mustard oil or olive oil along with some garlic in it. Now use it to massage the baby’s chest.
  • If the child is old enough, please give it the steam. You can use a nebulizer to give steam even to a very young child.
  • Give turmeric milk to your child. Turmeric will help fight the virus and will boost immunity. While milk will provide energy, keeping the lethargy away.
  • Proper hydration: This is essential for the child. Try to give the child boiled water with some Tulsi leaves in it. If not possible, give warm water at regular intervals. Some warm soup or fresh juice will also help clear the throat.
  • Honey has a fantastic effect against cold and cough. Moreover, honey has no solid particles, so that you can give it even to an infant. Make it a habit to give a little amount to your kid every morning.
  • Your anxiousness is understandable as a parent. But remember that if you are not calm, you will not take proper care of your child. So even though the time is tough, you do not have to lose your calm. You can always follow the suggested methods to prevent your child from the disease.

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