Importance of Oral Hygiene

Say Cheese with Sparkling Oral Health

Oral health demands care every day as it comprises our precious whites and the tongue – the machines that do the job of chewing and tasting the food and often also bear the brunt of unhealthy eating choices. The oral system works consistently every day to provide the body what it needs, but how often have we thought if we care for it enough?

Negligence of oral hygiene and health can stain one’s appearance and also cause various health issues such as cancer, heart ailments, dementia, pneumonia and many other others.

Yes, you read it right! Many severe and even fatal health issues are related to bad oral hygiene!

So give a few minutes reading this blog and learn ways to protect and maintain your oral health.

Brush teeth before sleep

Brushing twice a day is essential for oral health is what everybody is aware of, but people rarely follow the same. Oral health is neglected by not brushing teeth at night as germs and plaque continue to accumulate. Make sure to brush before going to bed every night to preserve better oral health.

Brush the right way

Brushing teeth is often done hurriedly and certain areas of the gums don’t even get a chance to get cleaned or massaged. Give more time to brushing and move the brush in gentle and circular motions. This will pave the way to remove plaque slowly, but definitely.

Know your toothpaste

Not sure which toothpaste is best? Go for the one that contains fluoride as it defends your oral health against germs and keeps tooth decay away.

Clean the tongue

Giving time to cleaning the tongue can be tough if you don’t dedicate much time to brushing. However, plaque can build up on the tongue and can cause bad mouth odour. The same can lead to other oral health issues. Hence, gently brush the tongue every time after brushing teeth.

Flossing is must

Flossing is another important task that contributes to inputting your oral health on the right track. This simple task can clear little pieces of eatables from the middle of teeth. Flossing regularly can also stimulate the gums, reduce plaque and lower inflammation in the gums.

Have a teeth-friendly diet

To ensure amazing dental health, have calcium and Vitamin C rich food. Incorporating crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, celery and carrots in the diet can prove helpful. The crispy texture of these foods wipes bacteria that can lead to the plaque buildup. Moreover, these fruits and vegetables get the jaws working, which boosts the production of bacterial neutralizing saliva.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash is another essential of your dental hygiene kit. As per the experts, using a mouthwash can help you reduce the amount of acid in the mouth, re-mineralize the teeth and clean such areas where the brush doesn’t reach. Mouthwash is also an amazing alternative for children and elders who cannot floss.

Furthermore, limit sugary and acidic food intake as they can erode the enamel from teeth and lead to cavities. Drink more water throughout the day to lower the effect of sticky and acidic foods stuck between the teeth. Also, visit a dentist at least twice to year to safeguard oral health.


Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors