Igniting Creativity with the Annual Competitions

Asian Hospital truly believes in service to the society and in our endeavor to do so, we have been organizing different programs that may help spotlight outstanding talents in Faridabad.

8th Annual Asian Drawing Competition

The 8th Annual Asian Drawing Competition to be held on 19th November 2017 is generating curious waves across Faridabad. Every year, the competition day infuses the serious atmosphere of our hospital with cheerful giggles and energy of the young artists – all agog to paint their hearts out on blank canvasses. The last 7 editions of the drawing competition have successfully provided a platform to the budding artists of Faridabad in showcasing their talent and the positive experience here has encouraged kids to participate every year at this much-awaited event.

Asian Hospital believes that art and craft are crucial to a child’s overall development!

A paintbrush is not just another brush- it is a teacher that educates a child much more beyond blending colors in the most perfect way! When a child sits to use the brush and colors, he grows logically, psychologically and emotionally. His mind gets deeply involved in the interplay of different patterns, colors, strokes which helps in fostering his creativity and analysis power. Successful completion of a piece of art gives a confidence boost and the entire process acts as a stress buster for him (yes, even kids as young as 5 are going through stressful times).

The New Entrant: Asian Recycled Material Craft Competition.

Considering the overwhelming response of Faridabadites to the Annual Drawing Competition and numerous related queries we have been receiving, Asian Hospital has decided to go one step further this year. In line with the Govt. of India’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, we are coming up with the first edition of the Asian Recycled Material Craft Competition this year. The competition is aimed at creating another platform for artists who can create outstanding art pieces from waste materials, and inspire others to do so. The competition has limited registrations and many slots have already been filled!

So, register yourself for this year’s Annual Drawing Competition and the Recycled Material Craft Competition and witness history being created!