How to Protect Heart Health

Listen to your heart – What it says about your health?

Our body knows what’s coming before we do and more often than not, it signals us to prepare ourselves for medical attention. But are we listening? A study carried out in India on heart health reveals that above 50% of heart patients have unintentionally ignored symptoms of heart diseases because they were not aware of the “early signs” that indicate future problems.

Abnormal palpitation? Feeling tired? Tremendous chest pain when you do stairs? – Your heart is telling you that it’s time for a check-up.

Early symptoms of Poor Heart Health

Almost every heart patient experiences similar health conditions. Identifying these early signs of a weak heart can prevent you from encountering sudden emergencies.

Ten common signs that indicate poor heart health are –

  • Breathlessness / Palpitation post-exertion
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Rapid, irregular heartbeats
  • Lightheadedness
  • Swelling of ankle, leg and feet
  • Numbness and intermittent pain in the left arm and the jaw
  • Frequent indigestion
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Snoring
  • Undying cough

Let your lifestyle help your Heart Health

Believe it or not, you have umpteen options to protect your heart from reaching the “red alert” zone. So, start your lifestyle makeover now keeping to the cue that your heart health is of prime importance.

  • Quit smoking– If you are a smoker then you are 76% more at risk than a non-smoker to develop signs of an unhealthy heart. Nicotine from tobacco sits strong on the walls of your heart and lungs thereby clogging blood flow and air supply. With incessant smoking, nicotine deposition only gets thicker and layered which makes breathing very difficult. If the proper blood supply to arteries stops then the risk of cardiac arrest shoots up.

  • Control of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Diabetes is referred to as blood sugar. Imbalance in blood sugar can lead to several heart conditions which can prove fatal in the long run. Controlling blood sugar levels through a regimented balanced diet is important.

High blood pressure can be a major cause of heavy headedness, nausea, and blackout. These are signals that must not be ignored to maintain good heart condition.


  • Checking Cholesterol

Cholesterol leads to blockage of arteries through which blood is pumped into the heart. In a worst-case scenario, the insoluble fatty deposits can congest the entire passage and lead to fatal heart attacks. Routine check-up of triglyceride levels and other fatty components is, therefore, an important step towards protecting heart health.


  • Say no to fried junk!

Our eating habits contribute largely to our good health. Discarding fried junk not only promotes better heart health but also checks a major number of lifestyle diseases. High fibrous food, liquids, food rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals should be included in day to day dietary habits.


  • Exercise

There is no match for a quick jog or run. Exercise helps burn body fat, helps purify the blood by circulating more oxygen in the bloodstream, strengthens lung capacity as well as promotes mental wellness.


Simple steps that make a big difference

If the heart stops functioning then the evident outcome is death. So, taking care of your heart is of utmost importance. The good news is that heart health can be promoted through simple lifestyle changes. If you are willing to make space for a small simple step now it will contribute majorly in the future. Take care of your heart. It knows better and will signal you – are you willing to ignore?