How to Maintain Better Oral Health

Laugh away Oral Diseases with Perfect Oral Care

Oral health condition is an indicator of your overall health.

Having a set of healthy teeth needs constant care and precautions. Neglecting oral health may lead to oral cancer and many other dental health issues such as cavities, tooth sensitivity and bad breath, etc. According to data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, dental caries affect about 60% and periodontal diseases affect about 85% of the Indian population. Sadly, our country is considered the world capital for oral cancer, the risk of which is heightened by poor oral care.


The only way to enjoy great oral health is to persistently maintain oral hygiene.

Read the following tips to learn ways to do the same.


Brushing twice a day keeps the dentist away


Almost every person is aware of the fact that one has to brush twice a day to maintain amazing dental hygiene. However, most of the people carry on by brushing teeth in the morning and avoiding the same at night. This leads to plaque and germs accumulation on teeth and gums, and can adversely affect oral health.


Brush the right way

Along with brushing twice a day, you have to be aware of how to brush the right way. Make sure to take your time while brushing and move the brush gently and in a circular motion to remove the plaque. Plaque can build up if it is not removed and can cause tartar and gingivitis. Also, ensure gently massaging the gums.


Ensure tongue hygiene

Better tongue hygiene is as important as dental hygiene to strengthen your oral health. Neglected tongue hygiene can cause bad breath. Clean the tongue with a brush or tongue cleaner after brushing teeth to remove the plaque from it.


Flossing does wonders

Food particles stuck in between the teeth can lead to plaque accumulation and can also make them look ugly. Flossing is a proven method to avoid the same and safeguard your dental health. Hence, take flossing as seriously as brushing. This procedure can also stimulate gums and lower the inflammation in the same area.


Consider mouthwash

Mouthwashes can actually be good for dental health. One of the benefits is that a mouthwash reduces the amount of acid in the mouth. It also cleans areas in and around the gums that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.


Mind the sugary and acidic foods intake

As per medical experts, sugar can affect the enamel in the mouth as it turns into acid if you don’t remove it. Having acidic fruits, tea or coffee can also prove hazardous for tooth enamel. Avoiding these foods altogether is not recommended, but you should have them mindfully to reduce the risk of issues such as cavities.


Furthermore, incorporate crunchy vegetables and fruits in the diet as they help the jaws workout and also remove plaque from the teeth. Drinking a lot of water can also help in maintaining good oral health as water cleans all the accumulated food inside the mouth. Visiting a dentist at least twice a year is recommended even if you take care of your dental health and do not have any dental issues.


Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors