How to Help Someone Give up Drug Addiction

Stand with a Loved One in the Fight against Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can be life threatening for an addict. But drugs form a vicious circle in which the addicts get trapped. And they often need a hand to pull themselves out of the drug web. Apart from causing personality and health issues, substance abuse also dents the reputation of the addict’s family and can also pose legal problems too.

Want to help someone? Learn About Addiction

If one doesn’t know what effort and magnitude of persistence it takes to help a drug addict overcome the problem, it would be like driving in the dark!

Hence, learn about the symptoms, ways to help, and understand the problems of the drug addict. Also, learn how it affects them to assist them well in their de-addiction journey.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Although each drug causes unique symptoms, however there are some general signs of drug addiction:

  • Mood swings
  • Sudden behavioral changes
  • Social withdrawal
  • Difficulties at school or work
  • Red or glassy eyes
  • Runny or stuffed nose
  • Carelessness towards personal grooming
  • Lack of motivation or energy
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Higher spends of money
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and other activities

How to Help The Addicts

Offer Support

Drug addicts may not care about their well-being like a normal person. Hence, they need support from their well-wishers. Probe and listen to addicts to learn what triggered their usage of drugs and assure that they have your back if they need emotional support in quitting drugs.

Remove drug Usage triggers

If you understand what triggers their substance abuse, try to eliminate such factors from their environment, in a way which doesn’t hurt their sentiments and strengthens their trust in you.

Know when to say No

People get emotional when they see their loved one craving for drugs or struggling with legal problems. As a result, they offer monetary help to the addicts to support them. However, the problem has a good probability of snowballing with any money that comes in the pockets of an addict. Sounds unpleasant, but the best way to help the addicts is to have a stone heart and never facilitate purchasing drugs in any way.

Don’t use emotional appeals

Don’t preach, lecture or threaten the drug addicts as it may break the trust or amplify their guilt and trigger further drug usage. Drug addicts also cannot have a rational conversation under the influence of drugs, hence talk to them only when they seem normal and tell them they are good, but need to quit substance abuse. Also, don’t expect addicts to fulfill promises and let them take time to quit drugs.

Opting for De-Addiction Treatment

If choosing a treatment- work on establishing trust first, ensure the addict’s privacy and communicate your expectations. A specialist can administer the correct drug de-addiction treatment and help a loved come out of the vicious circle of substance abuse. Attend a counseling session with a specialist as it can really accelerate quitting.

Take Care of yourself

Also, take care of yourself as helping a person with addiction can be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. Exercise, socialize and sleep well to keep the support up and help the drug addict overcome the difficulties that lay in the path to quitting.

Supporting a loved one to quit substance abuse can be overwhelming as it poses tough challenges. It requires a multi pronged approach and can be tough emotionally and physically too. But the effort to help someone from substance abuse is definitely worth a try as it makes a positive difference in so many lives. So persevere if you must and learn how to do it first!