How Preventive Health Check-Ups Can Save You From Large Healthcare Expenses?

Human-body comprises highly complex mechanisms – both at the micro and macro level.

Our health, longevity and overall quality of life depend upon the impeccable functioning of these bodily systems. And, it largely depends upon us. Our diet, immunity and resilience, environmental factors, access to a nurturing lifestyle, and hundreds of other factors decide our state of health.

That said, keeping a track of minute changes in your body chemistry, organ functioning and immunity function can be demanding. This is where preventive health check-ups come in!

What are Preventive Health Check-Ups?

As the term itself suggests, preventive health check-ups are routine health check-ups undertaken to identify the general state of health of a person and detect any deteriorating function, silent disease or unwanted bodily changes (due to external & internal factors).

For e.g. A 55-year old man decides to visit his doctor for a regular health assessment. The doctor asks him to go for a couple of routine tests like blood chemistry, LFT (Liver Function Test), KFT (Kidney Function Test), and a few others.

The blood chemistry test results of the person come out and indicate high sugar levels and increased cholesterol. The doctor recommends the man to make immediate lifestyle changes, reduce sugar intake, exercise more and eat healthier. He prescribes him a few medicines – and the man ultimately saves dangerous after-effects of diabetes and possible cardiac diseases.

In other words, the man saved himself and his family from heavy medical treatment expenses that could have arisen in the future.

What are the benefits of regular health check-ups?

Although it would be too layman to state, the human body is just like a machine that demands regular maintenance and operation within the design limits. But, just like real-life machines, our bodies are also subjected to different stress levels, changes in the environment and exposure to different external factors that sometimes take a toll on its well-being.

The toll can be mental, emotional or physical. Regular health check-ups detect all such negative changes inside your body and set you on a healing path to avoid their negative impact.

With preventive health check-ups come the following benefits;

  1. Avoid Future Health Issues
  2. An insight into your current health, weight, organ functioning, and overall biological processes can reveal any potential future health issue. For instance, a high sugar level might indicate the possibility of diabetic development and can be controlled beforehand. This saves you tons of trouble, time, and money.

  3. Eliminate Life – Threatening Diseases
  4. Sometimes, the most lethal diseases strike the person stealthily – without any overt sign or symptom. This is especially true for conditions like cancer, kidney failure, etc. Regular health check-ups can help you and the doctor to uncover any possibility of such a disease. E.g. cancer is a treatable disease if detected in its initial stages of development. You can read more about it here.

  5. Save Money & Emotional Trauma
  6. People often look at healthcare from the ‘cost-benefit and ‘price sensitivity’ lense. And, they are justified, for some healthcare services are very expensive. For instance, organ transplant, heart surgery and similar complex procedures can raise bills reaching lakhs. This is why healthcare insurance is a must-have for everyone.

    However, if you decide to go-up for routine preventive health check-ups, you can prevent such expensive healthcare procedures by proactive remediation. This will not only save you the hard-earned money but also much too damaging emotional trauma – to you and the family.

  7. Increase Your Longevity
  8. The longevity or the expected lifespan of a person simply depends on his/her level of fitness that is the result of the underlying state of health.

    Preventive health check-ups allow your doctors to identify any problems that might lower your quality of life (e.g. Peripheral Artery Disease), and those that might compromise your life expectancy (e.g. cancer). They can then begin the apt course of treatment, and you get to add to more beautiful years on this planet.

    Where to get routine preventive health check-up?

    What better than a world-class medical centre of excellence to check for your health? Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad is always open for you and your family’s preventive healthcare checks and recommend suitable remedies to implement corrective measures if any.

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    Stay healthy, stay happy 🙂

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