How are Robotic Kidney Transplants different from Conventional Open Kidney Transplants?

Kidney transplants are complex procedures, it is the final promising treatment for end-stage renal disease. Though dialysis is also an option for end-stage kidney failure patients, then their life becomes quite challenging.

There are three options available for kidney transplants- Traditional or Conventional Open Surgery, Laparoscopic kidney transplant, and Robotic kidney transplant. There are a couple of differences between them. It is extremely important for you to wisely opt for the method of your transplant, considering all the aspects.

In this article, we would discuss the difference between them along with their advantages and disadvantages so that you do not make a mistake in choosing the appropriate method for yourself or your loved ones.

Conventional Open Kidney Transplants

The traditional open kidney transplant is done through an extraperitoneal flank incision. There may even be a removal of the twelfth rib. The incision can be up to 20 cm long. There are chances of disassociating the spermatic cord and ovoid ligaments. It is a long method, which is quite painful as well.

Advantages of conventional open kidney transplants

  • Requires less finance in comparison to robotic-assisted kidney transplants.
  • There are no chances of machine failure.
  • More availability

Disadvantages of conventional open kidney transplant

  • It is a more time-consuming process.
  • Less precise, there is no clear picture for the surgeon
  • More bleeding
  • It leaves the patient with bigger cuts and scars.
  • The patient takes more time to recover after undergoing a traditional kidney transplant.
  • More chances of postoperative infections.

Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplants

Robotic-assisted kidney transplant is a minimally invasive technique to conduct transplant surgery. Only surgeons trained in robotic surgery can perform this operation.
Unlike in conventional kidney transplants, the surgeons make a much smaller cut about seven cm long to remove the old kidney and insert the functioning kidney. In addition to this, there is another incision of about a cm long, for inserting the instruments such as the camera. This camera gives a 3-D view of the surgical site of the surgeon.
There is another robotic arm which has the instruments of operation attached to it. The surgeon manipulates this arm sitting at the console and the robotic arm mimics the actions of the surgeon.
After the procedure, they stitch up the vessels and the urethra.

Advantages of Robotic-assisted kidney transplant

  • It takes less time compared to traditional open surgery.
  • The patient recovers faster, with fewer hospital stays.
  • Less bleeding
  • The high-definition 3-D camera gives a clear picture to the surgeon.
  • The surgery is more precise as the robotic hands are more flexible, they do not tremor like human hands.
  • Small cuts and fewer scars.
  • Less risk of postoperative infections.

Disadvantages of robotic-assisted kidney transplant

  • The system is not available in all cities and hospitals.
  • More costly in comparison to traditional open surgery.
  • There is a risk of nerve compression or nerve damage.
  • The surgeon may change to open surgery if there are any risks.

Can all patients get operated on with the robotic method of kidney transplant?

It would be best if you consult your healthcare expert whether or not you are an ideal candidate for robotic kidney transplant surgery. Even though robotic-assisted surgery may sound like a better option to you, it may not be right for you. Your doctor will suggest the best option for your kidney transplant surgery depending on factors like your condition, your previous medical history, finances, availability and facilities of the hospital.

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