How To Give Quality Treatment To Heart Attack Patient Immediately!

Define Heart Attack?

A heart attack is a sudden shock happens when the heart muscles got damaged.

In simpler term, it occurs, when the flow of oxygen and blood, reduced or completed stopped in the heart. As a result, the heart can’t get the proper oxygen and that part may damage if not treated soon.

How it Happens?

A Heart attack can happen because of shock, whether it is about joy or depression.

In medical terms, the arteries which supply blood to the heart become narrow. It is due to cholesterol or blood clot deposited in the arteries.

Initial Treatments [“123”] during heart attack

  • Chest compression to start the heart beat if stopped.
  • Mouth to mouth respiration if patient lost its breath.
  • Shock treatment with a CPS machine helps in bringing back patients heart beat.
  • An Aspirin dose of 300mg gave to the patient to stop the clot.
  • Painkillers like morphine to get patient relief from pain.
  • Thrombolytics which brought back the blood supply.

Heart Attack Causes

There are several possibilities responsible for this :

  • Diabetes– Diabetic people can have a higher risk of heart attack because of plaque build up in arteries.
  • Age Factor – Age Factor is at the top for higher heart attack risk. It noticed that a man over 45 years and women over 50 years have higher attack risks. Generally it is due to bald and fat of the eyelids.
  • Angina
    Angina is a bit like mild heart attacks. In this also patient can’t get proper oxygen to the blood. But a patient suffers from angina can feel better after a few minutes meditation. Angina can lead to heart attack also.
  • Cholesterol Level
    People with high cholesterol levels lead to heart attack. Because it develops a blood clot in the arteries which results in blockage.
  • Daily Diet Routine – People who eats food contains large quantities of fat have a higher risk of it.
  • Living Style -People living near by highways have 50% higher risk than the people living far away from highways.
  • Chain Smoking -Chain smoking or regular smoking also leads to heart attack due to blockage in the arteries.
  • Supplements – People who consume supplements for calcium lead to higher risk of heart attack.

Other Causes

  • HIV Positive people have a higher risk of heart attack than others.
  • Obesity, high blood pressure increases the risk of attacks.
  • Stress, work load also leads to attacks.
  • It can also because of heredity.

Heart Attack Diagnosis

  • ECG is the electrocardiograph used to measure heart functioning. It suggests the damage done in the heart.
  • Blood Tests like cardiac enzyme test which shows the damage.
  • Chest X-Ray used to show size of heart.
  • Angiogram is used to make the arteries visible on x-ray. A liquid is injected into a leg artery connected directly to the heart through a tube.
  • Echocardiography to check whether is heart is pumping or not.
  • Cardiac Catherization is the visual imaging to check the blockage.
  • Other tests like MRI , CT-Scan etc.

Warning signs or Symptoms of Heart Attack

  • Angina
  • Cold Sweat
  • Quick Dizziness
  • Shortening of Breath
  • Chest Pain, Stomach Pain
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting etc.

Surgeries for heart attack

  • Stents and Angioplasty
  • Bypass Surgery
  • EECP
  • Ablation
  • Pacemakers
  • Electric Cardio-version
  • Heart Transplant
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