Flaunt a Sculpted Jawline with Help from This Genius Hack

Losing weight is neither easy nor quick. Yet you want to look your svelte best at social events. Use these genius hacks to get rid of that ugly double chin as though it never existed. Many people live with a double or even triple chin for fear of having to undergo surgery which would be both painful, and hard on the pocket. There is no need for you to do so. Take advantage of these simple tips — singly or collectively — to flaunt a sculpted jawline.

Mask with Makeup

It’s called makeup for a reason. If your double chin isn’t too wide or too thick, you can use a skillful blend of foundation and bronzer to cover it. Don’t forget to cleanse your facial skin, the chin, and neck with an appropriate face wash or cleanser before you begin to apply makeup. Unless you live in a very damp climate, it would be advisable to apply a moisturizer first to create a smooth base on which to work the foundation.

Use a foundation skillfully: Depending on your skin tone, use a foundation which is golden or rose, but two shades darker than your natural complexion to apply on the neck and chin area. Use short, quick strokes of the bronzer to outline your jaw — the ridge, and just below it to make it look natural. Use a sponge to help it settle. However, remember to use your natural skin tone colored foundation — or a shade lighter — for your cheeks, and the rest of your face before dabbing a translucent powder over it all.

Simple exercises to tone up your double chin: You could try silent whistling or chewing sugar free gums to tone up yoursugar-freein. Twisting your face into weird expressions as long as it draws the muscles under your chin have also been known to help people. The key facial muscles you need to work on are the platysma and the mentalis muscles.

Tape back the loose skin: A famous beautician created a storm on the internet by sharing an idea about how to simply tape the extra skin on the neck back to the nape. Medical grade tape was used, while the ends were covered by hair. However, it would be inadvisable to try it for an extended period, and certainly not except under expert guidance.

There’s always liposuction: Those who need to get rid of the double chin as much for health concerns as for beauty can opt for liposuction, which literally draws out adipose (fatty) tissues from the area under surgery. Some people also go for Botox injections to tighten the facial and neck tissues.

Posture makes a difference: Sitting straight with the neck properly aligned, i.e. chin up, regardless of whether you are reading a book or working at the computer will help stave off the double chin from forming again after you get rid of it with exercises.

Try cocoa butter or wheat germ oil: Massage some warmed cocoa butter upwards from the bottom of the neck to the chin twice daily — at bedtime and a little while before your bath. The vitamin E in wheat germ oil makes your skin more supple if you rub it in using upward strokes. Do so daily before bedtime, and observe the difference in a few days.