Fighting Against Breast Cancer – The Crucial Steps

Breast cancer occurs when the cells in the breast begin to grow in an uncontrolled manner and form a tumor that appears as a lump. These cells can grow and invade the surrounding tissues. Breast cancer can start from any part of the breast but research shows that ducts that carry milk into the nipple are commonly affected in most women suffering from the condition. Some type of breast cancers start in the tissues in the breast.


The Stats

Belgium tops the list of countries with the highest rate of breast cancer. Denmark and France come next. In terms of continents, North America and Oceania have the highest incidents of breast cancer while Asia and Africa has the lowest. (Source:

A positive breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating for women. The immediate reaction is why me? And the next one probably is that this is the end. While it is quite natural to react in the way that most women do, how they deal with the condition for the remaining part of their lives can play a critical role in result of their fight against breast cancer.

Better Chances Of Survival With Advancement in Medical Science

One piece of news that will definitely gladden the hearts of those diagnosed with breast cancer is that a larger percentage of women are now surviving the condition, thanks to advancement in medical sciences and the availability of effective and proven treatment solutions for breast cancer in recent years. It is important to note that a vast percentage of survivors are those in whom the condition was detected quite early. So, early diagnosis is the key to improving the rate of survival for those suffering from breast cancer.

Medical professionals with experience in handling cases of breast cancer are of the opinion that the earlier the breast cancer is found, the better are the chances of survival and recovery. If you over 40 years of age, it is recommended that you get a mammogram and breast examination done at least once a year. Any changes or adverse diagnosis must be reported to the family physician immediately and further tests carried out to confirm or rule out breast cancer.

What Steps You Should Take

Doctors say that chances of contracting breast cancer can be reduced significantly by maintaining a healthy body weight at all times. As far as possible, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and remain physically active on a regular basis. This can be achieved by indulging in regular exercise of vigorous and moderate intensity for a few minutes every day. Women over 40 must also make sure that they stay off alcoholic drinks or at least limit their intake.

How Foundations And Organizations Can Help

There are many foundations and Non-Government Organizations offering breast cancer support, education and awareness. If you have been diagnosed positively for breast cancer, you can join such organizations and get emotional as well as financial support to fight the condition. These organizations also help women in the high risk group get tested properly and professionally at regular intervals so that early detection can be done and proper medical procedures and treatment can be started as quickly as possible.

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