Effective Ways to Protect Your Children from Rainy season Diseases

Monsoon is the season when we all love splashing water and enjoying pakoras with hot tea. The Rainy season gives relief after a hot scorching summer. But no matter how pleasant the Rainy season is, it brings a lot of diseases along with it!
Monsoon is the time when a lot of people suffer from various diseases. Moreover, kids are at a higher risk of catching diseases as their immunity is weak. And most of the time, they play in the rain, which is why they get sick.

Parents are always worried during the rainy season to protect their kids. That is why we bring forth some effective ways by which you can protect your children from monsoon diseases.

Hygiene is a must!

Maintaining proper hygiene during the rainy season is very important. In addition, you must ensure that your child stays hygienic throughout the season. As soon as your child comes back home, ask him to wash his hands properly with a bar of soap or hand wash. In case the child gets wet in the rain, then ask him to take a shower with clean water. The rainwater is sometimes acidic and contains impurities that are not suitable for your child’s health.

You must also ensure the hygiene of your house. Cleanliness of the floods with proper cleaning agents is mandatory to let out the germs.

A healthy diet and proper hydration-

Eating healthy is something that we cannot avoid. Ensure your child does not eat street food or drink juices or ice popsicles from outside. All these can give rise to several diseases as the water used for making them is not clean.
When you bring in fruits and vegetables, try boiling them or otherwise clean them properly.
Avoid consuming non-veg as bird flu is prevalent during this year. Moreover, the rainy season is the time when fungi grow really fast. So, check all the eatables, especially dried ones like bread, that do not have any fungi or other such growth.

Stagnant water is a big no!

There should be no stagnant water in your house and even in your surrounding areas. Collected water gives rise to mosquitoes which eventually bring diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Therefore, check your balconies, flower pots, and empty pots after every rain if there is any stagnant water. If, immediately throw away that dirty and clean the thing or place properly.
Add up a few drops of oil to your cooler if you have to keep water in them. Then, do the same in your water tank, where you store the water for your house.

Do not miss out on mosquito repellents and anti-insect sprays-
Yeast, fungi, microbes, mosquitoes, flies, and disease-causing insects are common during the rainy season.
Frequently use disinfectant sprays in your house. In addition, use anti-mosquito coils, sprays, or electrical devices to keep mosquitoes away. Also, apply mosquito repellant to your child’s body whenever he goes out of the house.
Keep the carpets, mats, etc., in the sun for some time to disinfect them.

Keep an eye on their clothing-

Make sure they wear raincoats and carry umbrellas when they go out in the rain. In addition, they should wear a full-sleeved T-shirt or shirt even during the day because this will protect them against infections and the mosquitoes will not be able to bite them.
Give them boots, and do not let them wear slippers, flip flops, floaters, or any other open footwear when they go out in the rain.

The rainy season is indeed the time to enjoy and have fun in the rain with water. But along with that, it is also the time for diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, jaundice, dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and many more diseases.
Enjoyment is essential, but there cannot be any compromise with health.
Thus, give your child a balanced diet, maintain proper hygiene, and follow all the instructions in this article, and your child will stay fit even during the rainy season.