Early Cancer Warning Signals – Know the Symptoms

Cancer is a major cause of early-age death. A vast number of the population die because of cancer. 

An important reason for deaths due to cancer is the late detection of cancer. The later cancer is detected, the more problematic it becomes. 

Therefore, early detection of cancer is very important. The doctors can catch hold of the disease at an earlier stage and begin with the treatment. This way, the patient will have more chances of survival.

Nowadays, screening tests are available that can detect cancer at earlier stages. In case there are any warning signs that you encounter, you should immediately go for a check-up. 

Wondering how you would know whether you have any cancer symptoms or not?

The warning signs of cancer are even symptoms of other common diseases. Many people ignore these signs as it may seem they are symptoms of other diseases. But it is a big mistake that we should avoid. Not even the smallest cancer warning signs should be taken lightly. Otherwise, they can bring your life at stake!

So here are some early cancer warnings and symptoms that you should not ignore-


Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness. You might wonder if this is a general issue you may face several times after work. But fatigue associated with cancer is a bit different. Since cancer cells require your body’s nutrients to grow, they use your body’s nutrients to nourish themselves. Hence, you feel tired and lethargic all the time. It differs from the fatigue you may experience after work or a long day.

Changes in the skin

If there is the development of cancer in your body, it will reflect on your skin. Many changes appear on the skin when one has cancerous cells. You should be cautious about your skin. Notice all the changes that you see on your skin. You must examine your skin yourself. 

Check for any moles. And if you see new moles, get them checked. Sometimes some sores do not heal or they keep bleeding. You need to seek a doctor’s help in such a situation. Apart from this, there might be redness or itchiness that you should not ignore. Hyperpigmentation and excessive hair growth can also be a result of cancer. Some people even experience jaundice. Their skin gets pale and yellow as a result of that.

Changes in bowel habits and urinary bladder

People developing cancer experience changes in bowel and urine. The size of the stool changes suddenly. And there can be constipation or diarrhea for a long time. If you or anyone you know experiences it, immediately go to a doctor instead of ignoring these signs. 

In addition to this, there can be blood or pain while urinating. Or at times, people need to pass urine either more frequently than usual or less than normal.


Though body aches are quite normal, body pain that lasts for more than a period of fourteen days can be a problem. The pain can be anywhere in your body, depending on your type of cancer. But particularly, headaches for longer duration can signify a brain tumor.

Abnormal periods

Women have irregular periods now and then. But if it keeps happening for a very long time or you keep getting period cramps without any reason, you must go for a checkup. It can be a sign of cervical or ovarian cancer. 

Some women even face the issue of postmenopausal bleeding. It can also be due to other reasons, but it is always better to check for your safety.

Oral problems

Chronic sores or pain in the mouth can be a sign of mouth or throat cancer. Some people even have problems swallowing. Either they cannot swallow food or get stuck inside their throat, which may again be a sign of throat, mouth, or stomach cancer.

Unnecessary discharge from the body

This symptom is more likely to happen in women. Their nipples may secrete some discharge, or they might even bleed. Some women have vaginal or uterine bleeding after menopause or without periods which is unhealthy.

Unnecessary weight loss

It can be a symptom of many types of cancers. You must consult your doctor if you are losing weight without any reason. Ordinary people developing cancer lose around four kilograms of weight without dieting or working out for that.

Persistent coughing, wheezing, or change in voice

Cold and cough are very common problems that most of us go through a lot of time. But if this cough becomes chronic or you see blood in it, it is time to visit the doctor. 

Also, if your voice is deeper than usual or hoarser, you need to have a scan for more than two weeks. 

All these are warning signs that you should not ignore. Even if they seem like petty issues, they might lead you to cancer. Next time you or anyone you know has these symptoms, it must ring a bell in your head, and you should immediately head for medical help

Content Reviewed by –Asian Hospital Medical Editors