Dr. Manav Manchanda Interview On New Wave Of COVID

Question 1- Do children also develop symptoms like fever after the vaccination, will they also be recommended paracetamol to treat the problem?
Dr. Manchanda:- said that the chances of fever are relatively low in children. Moreover, they are giving Covaxin to this age group, making the probability of fever and this vaccine’s range also low.

Question 2 – Will there be a long-term vaccine for the children that could affect their growth?

Dr. Manchanda: Vaccines are also for good. And particularly talking about the covid vaccine, there are no long-term effects in the adults since a year. So, the children would do better.

Question 3: My son is a football player, but someone told him that it would weaken his immunity, and he won’t continue the game. What should be done in this case?
Dr. Manchanda: Both the vaccines covaxin and covid shield have been tested on humans. They are being used on adults for a year, but they have not shown any long-term effects. So, he should get himself vaccinated.

Question 4: What do you want to say about the fully vaccinated people but are still caught up in Covid? And what do you want to say to the vaccinated people who are in home isolation?
Dr. Manchanda: Said that people infected after complete vaccination have a lower death rate. They have mild symptoms, and the severity is fortunately less.
And the people who are in home isolation should monitor their fever and oxygen level every day. They should isolate themselves completely if they have aged people and children in their homes. They should consult their doctors and follow their instructions.

Question 5: Any advice for the Delhites?
Dr. Manchanda: Firstly, if you have any symptoms, get tested because timely testing is very important. Secondly, if you are positive, start your treatment immediately.

Question 6: The current situation of covid, the new omicron variant, we have anticipated the third wave for a long time. So have we entered it, or can we still control it?
Dr. Manchanda: The way cases have been rising since the last few days, we are more likely headed towards the third wave. But if we still take precautions and follow the protocols, it will not be as severe as the second wave.

Question 7: Currently, we are seeing a lot of cases; what is the situation of the hospitals, if I may ask?
Dr. Manchanda: Fortunately, the area that I’m working in has got many people vaccinated. Moreover, the omicron variant has mild symptoms. Unfortunately, the infrastructure in India is not as good as the western nations. And with so many cases, even those countries have faced issues. With omicron cases, I would say that the symptoms are not severe, but cases rise rapidly with this variant. So again, I would pray and hope that if we follow all the precautions, we will not have to meet the bed and hospital shortage crisis.

Question 8: Dr. The Omicron variant is spreading rapidly. What are the symptoms exactly that the patients go through?
Dr. Manchanda: Omicron variant does not have too varied symptoms from the Delta variant. One unique symptom that we see in this variant is that people have a lot of night sweats. And unlike people who have a loss of taste and smell, the Omicron variant does not bring these symptoms.

These were the common questions regarding covid and its current situation. Hope that you found this blog gripping and it caters to your problems.