Debunk the Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding is crucial to strengthen the celebrated bond of a mother and child. The skin to skin contact with the baby and his soft warmth in the lap melts the heart of every mother. The baby also feels loved and protected while feeding. And apart from this emotional bonding that breastfeeding does magic to, there are plenty of other health benefits for both the kid and the mother that it offers.

However, few myths cloud breastfeeding and improper knowledge about it may keep a newborn devoid of the much-needed mother’s milk. Below, let’s find out the common myths and facts regarding breastfeeding.

Myth 1 – Breastfeeding Hurts & Causes Sore Nipples

Fact – As per experts, some mothers may have discomfort in the first few days while learning to breastfeed. But it isn’t nature’s law that every breastfeeding mom will get sore nipples. They can be avoided by learning the right positioning and attaching the baby correctly to the breast. A mother should also consult a lactation consultant or a skilled doctor to overcome the problem of sore nipples.

Myth 2 – Many Mothers Can’t Produce Enough Milk

Fact – Almost every mom possesses the ability to produce an ample amount of milk for their babies. Various factors such as breastfeeding frequency, baby latching on to the breast well and removing the milk well on each feeding determine the breast milk production. Moreover, a mother should also eat healthy foods to produce the right amount of breast milk.

Myth 3 – Babies Should Nurse From One Breast Only At Each Feeding

Fact – Breastfeeding is needed to be done through both breasts to most of the babies. However, some kids prefer taking most of the milk from one breast only and seem satisfied with it. A mother should try to feed from both breasts, but if the baby is not interested in the second breast and is gaining weight well, then continue feeding from one breast only.

Myth 4 – A Mother Should Eat Plain Food Only While Breastfeeding

Fact – There is no need to change the diet while breastfeeding as babies are exposed to mother’s food habits since the time they are in the womb. Make sure to have a balanced diet and consult a specialist if the baby reacts to a specific food.

Myth 5 – A Mother Won’t Be Able To Breastfeed Unless Does It Straight Away

Fact – Experts recommend breastfeeding for the babies straight away post-birth as they learn to feed on breast quickly since they have strong reflexes at that time. However, if a mother cannot feed the baby straight away due to some issue, then the mother should try to make frequent skin to skin contact and put the baby to the breast to begin the breastfeeding.

Myth 6 – A Baby Cannot Wean If Breastfed For More Than A Year

Fact – No evidence suggests that it is tough to stop breastfeeding after one year. However, evidence shows that breastfeeding for up to two years benefits babies as well as mothers. Hence, decide with the baby what is best for you and the kid.

Post-delivery, a new mom is surrounded by a cyclone of advice coming from mothers, grandmothers, aunties, friends and of course the doctors. Just don’t go by everything that the family or any friend says. Consult a doctor or a lactation specialist to confirm any information regarding breastfeeding to ensure yours as well as your baby’s well-being.