Cancer – Q&A with the Experts

Cancer is no more a nightmare, no more a situation out of hand, no more a threat to life when you are positive, surely well informed and under expert medical care “ says Dr. Anshuman Kumar while answering some of the cancer related queries.

My father had a surgery for stomach cancer three years ago. Recently, he noticed some Swelling around his neck. Can the PET CT check out whether the tumor is malignant or not? Can it also tell whether the tumor around the neck indicates the recurrence of previous disease or if it is a lymph node tumor that has nothing to do with the old stomach cancer?

Your father will need a biopsy to determine if the tumor around his neck is cancer or not, and if so, to determine what type of cells the neck mass is made up of either the stomach cancer, or something different.

In general, when a patient with a history of some type of cancer later develops a cancerous lymph node, the cancer cells in that lymph node typically (though not always) do not represent a “lymph node tumor”, but rather are more likely to represent the original primary tumor, which then metastasized (spread) secondarily to the lymph node.

I’ve had chemo and radiation and now I’m going to have lung surgery. Does that prior treatment make my surgery different in any way?

Ans .Yes, surgery after chemotherapy or radiation therapy is typically more difficult for the surgeon due to scar tissue that forms in your chest. Though more difficult, experienced surgeons do this kind of surgery with outcomes that are similar to those obtained in patients that did not have chemotherapy before surgery. In experienced centers, preoperative therapy is not a contraindication to performing these operations in a minimally invasive fashion. If possible, seek a surgeon who practices predominately general thoracic surgery, as they have the more experience with this kind of surgery.

I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and my doctor has said that I will have for Surgery does this mean my cancer is very advanced?

As per your query, I can think that your cancer may be in stage 1 or 2 which is a very early stage for removing a cancer that means your cancer has not spread to other parts, in most of the cases with 2nd stage cancer the success rate of the surgery is 70%. I have number of patients who are leading a normal life from 8-10 years.

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