Breast Conservative Surgery – Safest Option For Breast Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in female in India. Asian Institute of medical sciences has started an awareness drive for early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer cases.

If you detect early, there is no need for removal of breast. All that is required, is just removal of breast lump and also removal of some lymph nodes in the axilla. This technique is called ‘Breast Conservative Surgery’.

Various comparative studies have been done all over the world, comparing this technique with complete removal of breast and have found results to be equivalent. Whenever breast is conserved, one has to give radiotherapy to the remaining breast in order to reduce chances of disease coming back in the breast.

More and more female patients are now opting for breast conservation surgery, as no one wants their breast to be removed.

At Asian institute of Medical Sciences, we have started doing Breast Oncoplasty along with breast conservative surgery to give optimal cosmetic results. With this technique one can achieve near normal shape of breast, also by this technique one can prevent various complications arising due to radiotherapy like change in shape of breast etc.

Even for larger tumor we can still do breast conservation by giving chemotherapy in the beginning and reducing the size of the tumor. Also we do breast conservation with flap reconstruction to preserve the shape and functionality as well as sensation in the breast.

This surgery has changed the way people look at breast cancers now days. This is a simple surgery with short hospital stay and patients can be discharged from hospital the next day of surgery.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors