Bariatric Surgery – A Swift Way to Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery – A Swift Way to Weight Loss 


Obesity in today’s fitness-obsessed world may prove to be a stigma.

It not only hampers your health and appearance, the unwarranted fat shaming can affect you at an emotional level too. Obesity is a package of diseases that affects the heart, joints and brain and complicates life for us.


However, modern medical science has taken giant strides in managing obesity with the discovery of bariatric surgery. People with a BMI of 40 or above are suggested to undergo this type of surgery and can lose excess weight faster than ever. Bariatric surgery offers many benefits to obese people, let’s learn about the same below.

Better heart health

Obesity causes hypertension which can lead one to have heart disease. A weight loss surgery puts you on the right track to normalise blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As a result, the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral heart disease goes down.

Improved joint health

Being obese means one has to carry excessive weight which puts a lot of stress on the joints in the lower body. That’s why you may have chronic joint pain or the same area can be damaged. By opting for bariatric surgery, you get the double joy of losing weight and getting rid of joint pain.

Type 2 diabetes remission

People suffering from obesity may also have diabetes. As per medical experts, weight loss surgery can be a boon for type 2 diabetes patients as this health issue goes into remission post-surgery. Moreover, diabetes patients may lead an insulin-free life and may not require adjunct medications for a long time after undergoing surgery.

Ward-off depression

Depression is very common among obese people as it instils doubt in their minds about body image. Participating in social activities seems tough for them due to social stigma. Hence, bariatric surgery also helps people improve mental health as body image gets better.

Get rid of other conditions

A person can also alleviate pregnancy complications, gallbladder issues and metabolic syndrome. Bariatric surgery can boost fertility during the childbearing years. Medical experts also claim that weight loss surgery eliminates obstructive sleep apnea.


Day by day obesity is increasing in India due to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. Opting for bariatric surgery can be beneficial for your health if you are unable to lose weight through exercise or dietary methods. However, make sure to get it done only by experienced and skilled surgeons to ensure your safety and success of the procedure.

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