Free Pampsmear Test On The Occasion Of International Women Day

8th March 2015 – Asian Institute of Medical Sciences along with Tara Cancer Foundation Organised a Free cervical cancer Screening Pampsmear camp in 10 centres all across Delhi NCR. As a leading Cancer Hospital of National Capital region, hospital took the initiative to create awareness on the occasion of International Womens Day. On this occasion 550 women gets their free test done.

Speaking about the incidences of Cervical Cancer Dr. Anita Kant, Director Gynecology Dept. Asian Institute of Medical Sciences said “In this campaign we found that awareness for cervical cancer is extremely low. 95 per cent of women who turned up for screening had no idea what cervical cancer some called it cancer of the neck and cancer of Uterus. We advise this procedure once a year, once a woman is sexually active.”

Dr. Anshuman Kumar, Director Asian Cancer Centre Said “In urban India, cervical cancer accounts for 40 per cent of all cancers in women and in rural India the figure is higher, at 60. Every woman above the age of 21 must get a pap smear test done at least once a year. Once the cancer develops, treatment is expensive but it is 100% curable if detected at an early stage. This is the only test which can diagnose your cancer 8-10 years before it actually happen.”

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This post was published on March 9, 2015 8:04 am

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