Asian Hospital Made Impossible To Possible By Removing 92 Pins From The Body Of 56-Year Old Pin Man

Badri Lal, an employee of Indian Railways and a 56-year old resident of Kota, Rajasthan, was referred to Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad from Central Hospital, New Delhi when his whole body X-ray, CT Scan and Endoscopy reports revealed that there were more than 150 pins, needles and nails (few rusted) in different parts of his body and six leading hospitals in India failed to show any ray of hope to this patient. Some of the pins penetrated into some of the difficult and sensitive areas of his neck, extraction of which were very challenging and risky. Asian Institute of Medical Sciences intricately examined the case and took up the challenge. A team of 7 doctors from the departments of ENT, Cardiology, Anesthesia and Surgery was formed to execute the entire process of surgeries and finally the surgical process was completed successfully in 6 hours. This was one of the critical and rarest surgeries ever happened in medical history.