All You Need To Know About Omicron

Since November 24, there has been some disarray and chaos among people. So it was after the World Health Organisation confirmed the Omicron variant. People have been confused and scared since they knew a new variant of Covid-19 existed.
So if you are also anxious and curious to know more about the Omicron variant, this post is right for you.

What is the Omicron virus?

The omicron virus is another variant of the SARS-CoV-2, responsible for causing Covid-19. The researchers in South Africa first reported it to the World Health Organisation on November 24, 2021. Then on November 26, the WHO announced that it needed concern and attention.

Symptoms of Omicron

Although the reports suggest that the symptoms of the Omicron variant are mild, some symptoms are still coming up.
Moderate fever: Unlike the previous versions of covid, this one brings only mild fever. The previous ones had brought a very high fever. But only causes a little fever, and that too goes away on its own with time.
Dry cough: It is one of the most prevalent symptoms of the Omicron variant. This one is without the phlegm. This type of cough happens when one’s airways require to clear out the airways. But the irritation is not because of the mucus.
Fatigue: It is another symptom of the Omicron mutation. It makes the person feel sluggish and low, both physically and mentally. One doesn’t feel like doing anything because he lacks all the energy.
Headache and body ache: Many people diagnosed with Omicron reported headaches. In addition, they feel body aches usually at night.
Night sweats: The patients sweat so much at night that their clothes and bedsheet all become wet with their sweat.

Other than this, there are other symptoms like rash skin, discoloration on fingers, red eyes, loss of speech, diarrhea, and shortness of breath.

Testing of Omicron –

As per the experts, it is possible to know the mutation and the variant after the RT-PCR report. Even the airports are doing high supervision of it. People from the so-called ‘risk-areas’ have to go through the test. And if their report diagnoses them as positive, their samples are sent to detect the variant.

Omicron and vaccination-

The Omicron variant is milder than the delta variant.
The current vaccines might be able to protect you against it.
If one has been jabbed by both the vaccine shots, there are low chances of higher risks. Fully vaccinated people can prevent hospitalization, death, breathlessness, and other severe issues. It makes it mandatory for people to get vaccinated, then only they will receive a further booster dose.

Prevention of Omicron-

The virus might affect you anywhere and at any time. But this should not stop us from protecting ourselves. We have to prevent ourselves from the attack of Omicron or any other variant.
You can follow the given steps to keep yourselves protected against this disease-

Do not get over your masks: People are quite careless and are avoiding masks. They are not as sincere in wearing the masks as during the first wave of Covid-19. But we need to understand that the virus has not gone away with time. Instead, worse variants are rising. Therefore, the experts’ advice is to continue wearing the masks in public gatherings whether or not you are vaccinated.

Get yourself vaccinated: This should be on top of your priority list. People believe that even the completely vaccinated ones are being affected with covid again. Then what’s the point of being jabbed! But this is the gravest mistake that they are making. Those vaccinated people are affected by Omicron or any other variant, but the risk of death is very low. It is being observed that these people are not even being hospitalized.

Do not ignore even the mildest symptom: The Omicron variant has mild symptoms. People do not have a very high fever or very risky symptoms like breathlessness at first. It starts with just a cold, cough, or mild fever. But instead of ignoring it would be better to get the tests done.

You might have anxiety regarding the new Omicron variant. But no matter what, if you are aware and take precautions, nothing will happen to you and your loved ones. So make sure you do not ignore the symptoms.
We wish you a healthy future!

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors