6 Bedtime Beverages That Are Great For Weight Loss

If you have piles of unwanted belly fat and loathe to working out, then you can still do something about it. Don’t believe those who say that the gym is the only place where you can batter your body into shape. There are another place and way of losing weight. Do you know that you can lose weight while you snooze on your bed? No kidding! You can actually do it by sipping the right beverages before hitting the bed.

You have had your fair share of sugary sodas, rich shakes, and yummy cocktails that has resulted in a bulging belly. Now make a shift and turn your attention to beverages that can help you lose weight. There are beverages that can boost your metabolism, and accelerate the weight loss process. Just make sure you gulp down a glass of any of these or a few of them in combination at bedtime regularly and soon you will feel lighter, healthier and fitter.

Cow’s Milk:

This is one drink you should have no trouble having because it is a habit you nurtured from your childhood days. Milk has a high concentration of calcium and tryptophan which lulls you into sleep. A good night’s sleep results in lower production of a stress hormone called cortisol which is a stress hormone known for its ability to trigger hunger pangs. Less cortisol in the body means you feel less hungry and hence you are more likely to drop pounds. Casein protein in milk can assist in muscle strengthening while you snore away. The relevance? You will be able to burn more calories at rest when you have more muscles.

Chamomile Tea:

This is one of the most popular herbal drinks and has the ability to increase the level of glycine in the body. Glycine helps in relaxing the muscles and nerves, thus inducing deep sleep. A relaxed body and mind create an ideal condition for weight loss. Chamomile tea is the best way to lose weight for those who find excuses to head to the gym.

Grape Juice:

A small portion of 100 percent grape juice without any additives can help you burn fat in your dreams, literally. Consumption of simple carbohydrates like the ones present in grape juice can help in regulating body fat. A specific antioxidant contained in grapes is capable of converting calorie-storing white fat into calorie-burning brown fat. That’s how it works.

Cucumber + Ginger + Lemon Drink:

Cucumber is a low-calorie vegetable that has high soluble fiber content. It binds with the fatty acids formed by the consumption of food with high-fat content. It also helps in removing them and thus diminishes the total fat intake from your digestive tract. Cucumber is also a powerful detoxifier and a natural diuretic and thus helps in removal of large quantities of toxins and wastes.

Ginger is a proven natural digestive but it also has the ability to suppress cortisol levels which makes you feel fuller. Ginger also helps burn fat.

Lemon juice is one of the best detoxifiers.

Green Tea:

Green tea is already one of the most acclaimed weight-loss drinks and also one of the most researched ingredients. As it helps in relaxing the nerves and muscles, it ensures a healthy sleep cycle and also boosts metabolism. One cup before going to bed can help you lose excess fat and regain a healthy-looking body.

Soy Milk:

Soy milk contains tryptophan which is the most effective of all amino acids. A cup before bedtime ensures sound sleep. The low-calorie milk is a natural sleep promoter and helps regulate excess fat deposits.

Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors