5 Reasons Why Weight Loss Seems So Tough

Are you tired of following a strict diet & tracking your calories intake? Does your workout not seem to pay off? Well, don’t lose hope if you are not witnessing any changes in your body despite doing everything to shed a few kilos. However, assessing your diet, workout methods & other habits is a must in order to stay on track when it comes to losing weight.

Below we are discussing the reasons that may be hindering your progress. Hopefully, you will find your reason here.


  • You eat back the calories you burn
  • Working out is a popular method to lose weight, however some people use exercise as their ticket to eat everything. Their philosophy is simple, eat anything the whole day and train hard to burn it all. According to experts, this is not the ideal way to get back in shape.

    Also, working out is not the only way that helps you in battling obesity. The reason being exercise does not burn as many calories as people believe. For example, a 3-mile walk burns around 240 calories and you may think that is enough, but what about that 1000+ calories food you eat at a restaurant? So, you must follow your diet strictly and must exercise regularly

  • Your diet is not healthy .
  • One of the reasons you may not be losing weight even after exercising & dieting can be that your diet is not healthy. You believe that your food is healthy enough, but this may not be true. Hence, we will recommend you to get your diet chart created by a dietician and follow it. Furthermore, don’t forget to read the labels of every food product you purchase

  • You are doing wrong exercises
  • Exercise is a proven method to lose weight, however to reap its maximum benefits, you need to do the right type of workout. So, listen to your gym mentor/guide to know the best weight loss exercises for you, instead of doing a new kind of workout everyday by taking the advice of your near ones. Moreover, don’t rely only on one exercise to get back in shape, try different types of workout after discussing with your gym mentor. Some of the best exercises that promote weight loss are cardio and strength training.

  • You are not sleeping well
  • You may have heard that having a good sleep every night keeps you healthy. Same applies in the case of weight loss, according to a recent study, not getting enough sleep increases appetite & especially makes you crave for junk and carb filled food. This leads you nowhere in your journey to shed weight. So, make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day & you will feel recharged enough to burn fat

  • You have an underlying issue
  • If nothing seems to work for you in the quest to lose weight, then there is a possibility that you have an underlying medical issue. To learn about that issue, you must see a doctor & should take medications to counter such problem.

  • Remember, in the fight with obesity, it’s You Versus You…. so make sure you win!
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Content Reviewed by – Asian Hospital Medical Editors