Asian Drawing Competition 2016

Asian Institute of Medical Sciences hospital organized painting competition in the premises of the Hospital. 380 children from Faridabad, Delhi, Palwal Ballabgarh and Hoddle participated in the competition. Children were divided in 3 age categories 5 to 8 years in first class , 9 to 12 year  in second class and 13 – 15yrs in third category. Kids were asked to make drawings on the theme of Religious Epic to First-catogory , second class and third class children, were asked to make drawings on global warming, & smart city.  The first winners were given 15 thousand rupees as prize money. The second winners were given a reward of 10 thousand cash prize, And 7 thousand 5 hundred cash amount given as reward to third category.

Last updated on: June 6, 2017

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